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Take the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (PDDM) Course for professionals at all levels involved in planning, implementing, and measuring digital strategies or marketing associates who want to take up a more specialist role within the Digital Marketing domain.

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Validated by the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Members Include:

Who is this Professional Certification for?

This program benefits various levels of skill and experience and will empower you to maximize the impact of your marketing through powerful digital tools.

This Certificate is perfect for :
Marketing Executives
Senior Management
Business owners
Brand Strategists
Career changers
Traditional marketers
IT Managers


Certification Roadmap for Industry Professionals

Our suite of certifications enables professionals – at all stages of their career – to progress from Beginner to Specialist to learn relevant and industry aligned skills that can be applied to any role to drive career success.

Learning Experience

To ensure we deliver a top quality and effective DMI Program, we have partnered with agencies and Industry experts both from the agency and brand perspective to adapt the PDDM content for the local market.

We are in partnership with Webcoupers, a leading Digital Agency in Nigeria and the first Google Premier Advertising Partner in West Africa for content adaptation and our Internship program to our DMI Students. We offer all our professional Courses in Yaba, Lagos Nigeria. However, if these locations do not suit you, we also offer Bespoke Training Program in any of our Digital Marketing Professional Courses & Training for Corporates and Organizations.

These are some of the Program details:

  • A practical approach to learning with +130 topics covered across Digital Marketing.
  • Access to limitless pre-recorded videos by international leading industry experts and study materials.
  • Free Professional CV Upgrade post-training for candidates
  • Weekly virtual office hour learning support and curriculum status check-in via Zoom and Slack respectively.
  • A globally recognized certification in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute, Dublin, Ireland.
  • 12 months exclusive access to the Digital Marketing Institute Membership Platform with additional training content for continuous self-paced learning.
  • Membership of a Global Alumni Network of 20,000 + Digital Marketing Professionals.
  • Cost – N368,500 (Exam and certification inclusive.
  • Pearson VUE Exam on Program Completion.

By earning this certification, you will be able to:

  • Conduct digital research, set business objectives for campaigns and develop a targeted digital marketing strategy.
  • Build and publish a well-designed and high performing and optimized website aligned to your business goals.
  • Create and curate compelling and innovative content that drives ROI.
  • Set up, optimize, create, execute and report on organic and paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Snapchat.
  • Boost your website’s organic ranking by optimizing technical on-page and off-page elements
  • Create and manage paid search campaigns in Google AdWords and use Google Analytics to measure performance.
  • Use Google AdWords to create display and video advertising campaigns and ads using a variety of platforms to evaluate their impact and performance.
  • Design effective emails that generate leads, retain customers and inspire evangelists.
  • Set goals for your business and website, and understand how analytics tools are used to help measurement.
  • Use owned, accessed, desk, audience, competitor and social listening research to create a how-to guide for all digital marketing activities.
  • Understand the key concepts of digital, how it has changed customer behaviour and the implications for your role and the wider business.
  • Achieve business goals by understanding how to devise, implement and measure digital campaigns that engage and convert.
  • Understand the importance of digital channels and strategies and know how to use SEO, paid search, content, advertising and email to drive customer engagement.

All applicants must be educated to at least ‘A’ Level standard (or equivalent) and, be fluent in oral and written English language. Additionally, all applicants must fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have professional work experience in any field.
  • Hold a Bachelor’s, OND or HND degree.
  • No exemptions will be made on these entry requirements


Delivered by Leading Industry Experts
You will be introduced to the most relevant and transformative aspects of digital

Our trainers are all seasoned Digital Marketing experts with different core specialisations, extensive training experience and Marketing expertise gained from working with some of the best agencies and brands in the Industry.

Meet some of the Industry Experts that will be delivering this training:


Programme Overview

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (PDDM) Training will give you an in-depth Practical understanding of how to effectively strategize and implement powerful campaigns that convert. The programme gives a detailed overview of Digital Marketing by incorporating the following modules:

Digital Strategy

The digital strategy module uses the PROPEL (Plan, Research, Objectives, Propose, Execute and Learn) planning model to teach you, in a step-by-step fashion, how to design complex, long term digital marketing strategies that service both marketing and commercial objectives.

This module will enable you to set objectives for clear and measurable KPIs and prepare a strategic plan incorporating content, search and creative strategies. You will learn how to develop a media plan with a structured approach to budgeting, resource allocation and channel selection.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The SEO module will enable you to build an organic search marketing strategy that brings the right kind of visitors to your website. You will learn how to boost online conversions, stand out in the fiercely competitive online marketplace and protect a positive ROI.

Through the SEO module you will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of SEO, how it differs from paid search, be able to set SEO objectives, build an SEO content strategy and boost your websites organic search ranking using a range of technical elements. Alongside this, you will be able to judge the success of your overall SEO efforts by monitoring the sources of traffic to your website and other key metrics.

Paid Search (PPC) Using Google Ads

The paid search module will help you understand the fundamentals of paid search, how it differs from organic search methods and the key benefits of both. You will develop the knowledge and skills needed to create and manage a paid search campaign in Google AdWords. Alongside this, you will learn to optimize paid search campaigns by scheduling ads and setting bid adjustments for audiences, locations and devices.

Through the paid search module, you will also explore how to measure the effectiveness of paid search campaigns through conversion tracking and other advanced reporting methods.

Analytics With Google Analytics

This module will teach you the basic concepts of using analytics in digital marketing, from initial setup to detailed reporting. You will be able to recognise the fundamentals of web analytics to draw actionable conclusions from data and create a Google Analytics account to gain insight into traffic and audiences. With this, you will be able to set goals for a business website and know how analytical tools can measure these goals.

By the end of this module, you will be able to conduct analysis and iteration of campaigns by tracking and assessing conversions, reporting technical performance and reviewing KPIs.

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing module will teach you how to construct and deliver an effective email marketing campaign. You will learn the fundamentals of email including how to strategize a delivery plan to test, optimize and report on the performance of campaigns. This module will also help you understand the impact of permissions, mobile, buyer journey and the marketing lifecycle.

By the end of this module, you will be able to apply the core principles, techniques and actions for developing a high performing email marketing strategy. It will also ensure that you can design effective emails that generate leads, retain customers and inspire evangelists.

Website Optimization

The website optimization module will teach you how to build and publish a well-designed, high
performing and optimized website that is aligned to your business goals. You will be guided through the key components of web design to design, create and publish an effective website and choose the most suitable hosting option based on your budget and business objectives.

Through this module you will gain insight into the importance of optimization, be able to identify the principles of good web design and realise how to attract potential customers with effective content and copy. This module will help you to understand how to use your website for insight, tracking, measurement and data capture using various metrics and tools.

Digital Marketing Foundations

The Digital Marketing Foundations module explores how to harness the power of digital within the context of your organization’s marketing strategy. This module will enable you to conduct digital research, set business objectives for a digital campaign and prepare the foundations for developing a targeted digital marketing strategy.

You will gain an understanding of the core principles of digital marketing, explore the buyer’s journey process, and identify digital channels, the benefits of combining traditional and digital marketing alongside the principles of the 3i Methodology.
Upon completion, you will recognize how teamwork and roles can contribute to your digital marketing strategy and introduce the PROPEL model as a framework for planning.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing module will enable you to apply social media concepts and best practices to both organic and paid marketing activities. This will teach you to run campaigns that yield a positive ROI across a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram. You will understand the fundamental principles of social media marketing and be able to identify key stages in the buyer’s journey.

You will gain an insight into building and maintaining an active community on social media platforms. Alongside this, you will learn about the value of reporting on advertising campaigns across relevant channels using advanced and paid advertising tools.

Content Marketing

The content marketing module will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills to plan and execute a content marketing strategy in a persona-orientated, data-driven way informed by your business objectives, aligned with a buyer journey and fits an overall marketing strategy.
By the end of this module you will understand the fundamentals of content marketing, be able to initiate a content marketing strategy, create and curate compelling content and learn how to extend the value of your content through scheduling tools and different promotion methods to distribute content across a variety of platforms.

Display & Video Advertising

The display and video advertising module will equip you with the technical understanding and skills to build and maintain an effective display and video advertising strategy. As part of this, you will learn how to create a YouTube channel, manage video content and identify ad formats available within the Google Display Network and YouTube.

Furthermore, you will learn how to apply targeting, remarketing and a bidding strategy to your campaigns before analysing their effectiveness by pulling reports detailing the most important metrics available.

Frequently asked questions

How does self-paced online learning work?

Self-paced online learning allows you to structure your learning at the pace that best suits your schedule. You can control the amount of material you consume as well as the duration of time you need to learn each module properly.

No time pressure, no need to conform to a structured schedule, improves memory, suitable for different learning styles. Also with access to assignments and quizzes to help you every step of your learning process.

How will I schedule my CDMP exam?

Haptics will schedule your exam with your preferred date, time, and Pearson Vue exam center within your location. Participants have a time frame of six months after course completion to schedule and sit for the exam. If this time is exceeded, participants will be required to pay another exam fee and given three more months to schedule.

In the case of if the pandemic extends, DMI may give you an extension for free.

How will I get my certificate?

Digital Marketing Institute will send your certificate directly to you in PDF format after you have passed your exam.

Can payment be made in installments?

Yes, payments can be made in a maximum of three installments. However, 100% payment will be required before your CDMP exam can be scheduled.

Who should take this digital marketing course?

Anyone can apply for the digital marketing professional certification. A background in a related discipline is not required; the aim of the Certified Digital Marketing Professional course is to enable you to learn everything you need to know at a foundation level, so you can kick start your digital career. You could be a business owner, a traditional or digital marketing professional, a recent graduate, or simply looking to change your career.

The only prerequisite is that you have an interest in digital marketing and want to progress your career. Upon successful completion, you will become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

How much does this digital marketing course cost?

The Digital Marketing Professional Certification costs ₦280,000. This includes all course materials and the examination fee (first attempt only).

Do you have a Payment Plan?

Yes we offer a payment plan. The payment plan is in 2 tranches:

  • The first payment tranche of ₦200,000 can be made before Program enrolment and the balance payment of ₦80,000(tax inclusive) can be made at-least a week before end of the program.

How long is this digital marketing course?

The Program is approximately 30-hours of digital marketing course content delivered over the span of 5 weekends on Saturdays & Sundays. The Certified Digital Professional Course is delivered offline inclusive of Membership access to a Global Alumni of Certified Digital Marketing Professionals. You also get access to course materials, video course content and practice exam questions.

How is the digital marketing certificate assessed?

This Digital Marketing Certification is assessed by one three hour exam; these are administered by our computer-based testing partner, Pearson Vue, via its global network of test centers. We have a local test partner located in Surulere where you can sit for the examination.

The exam is split into three sections; candidates need to achieve a minimum of 60% to pass the exam. Your examination fee is included in the price but subsequent re-sits due to failed attempts will incur a fee of approximately €60 or local currency equivalent payable directly to Pearson Vue when you book your repeat attempt.

Where will my qualification be recognized?

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification body for Digital Marketing education. Exclusively designed by practising Digital Marketing professionals, the Certified Digital Marketing Professional carries the coveted Digital Marketing Institute accreditation and associated brand recognition, which is highly sought after by employers.

Upon successful completion of the Certified Digital Marketing Professional, you will become a Digital Marketing Professional. The Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course has been credit rated.

Is this digital marketing course technical?

No, in the sense that it is not a programming course, and you will not have to learn any coding. The Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course focuses on the commercial aspect of online marketing.

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (PDDM) is a practical course designed to help you improve your business’s online lead generation and customer engagement.

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Join a Global Alumni Network of 20,000+ Digital Marketing Professionals
Free Professional CV upgrade post-training